Storytelling is the way we share who we are. It gives a context to our experience and provides a framework for understanding and comprehension. Whether it’s film, television, music, books, social media, magazines, newspapers, it’s all about sharing. Sharing our knowledge and wisdom. Stories are a way to experience someone else’s thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Drawing is magic. It can transform and idea and communicate volumes. It is instantly recognizable, can capture an idea, and inspire a vision. Visual language is far more universally understood than verbal or aural. People comprehend and retain information far more dynamically if it is presented visually.

With these two concepts, a meaningful and affecting messages can be crafted to share and engage an audience.

Mark Korsak has been drawing and designing professionally for over 20 years with experience creating cd covers, book design, theater and event posters, editorial illustration, storyboards, pre-production design, graphic recording, chart production, vision mapping, logo design, branding, web development, catalogs, photography and merchandising.


For questions, commissions, or inquiries via email contact


The Wall Street Journal, Universal Music Group, Sony, Warner Bros., Disney, Blacklist/Psyop/Massmarket, CBS/Letterman, Gray Entertainment, R & R Partners, Manhattan Theatre Club, New York Magazine, The Village Voice, Good Housekeeping, Mode Magazine, Las Vegas Weekly, Virgin Music Group, IMD2, Billboard, Jazzis, Las Vegas Life, David Tutera- Designs by Masque, Society of Illustrators, Berenson Design, Titan, New York University, Gernst & Savage LLC, Robin Williams, The Editorial Department, Maga Design, Crowley & Co., Harmony Crew, The Clearing, Chesapeake Bay Organizational Development, Capitol Coaches Conference, Fox Architects, Blue Wolf, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Chemonics, IREX.

Society of Illustrators

Illustration Club of DC, MD, VA

International Forum of Visual Practitioners

Morse Telegraph Club



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