Great Gods of Greed Album

Recently I was hired to illustrate and design some cd packaging and a tour poster for Great Gods of Greed upcoming debut album. They are a Heavy Metal band in the tradition of Metallica, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath and feature Mike Clark from Suicidal Tendencies on guitar.

The themes the band plays with revolve mostly around greed and exploitation. Their message is right on point with much of the general unrest most people are feeling today so there were a lot of timely concepts to play with.

It was important for the band to stick to the traditional metal ethos and as a result they wanted to create a recognizable mascot character. Much the same way Derek Riggs did for Iron Maiden with Eddie the Head. The band came up with a character they call Greedy and his main feature is his skull head with features that kind if spell out the band’s name. Two capital “G’s” for the eye sockets, a dollar sign for the nose cavity and teeth spelling out the word “greed”.

I did numerous sketches of the skull an Greedy in various situations as well as played around with the symbolism associated with wealth and corporations. The final result for the cover was a wrap around that features Greedy in his corporate headquarters basking in his wealth while brokers plummet past his window a la stock market crash in 29. It’s a brutal and unsettling image that serves as a commentary on the current state of wealth and the economy…it also helps that the music is pretty darn good too.


2 thoughts on “Great Gods of Greed Album

  1. Adrian. says:

    do you sell prints. I would like to get my hands on the Great gods of greed album cover in a poster.

    1. korsaktion says:

      Hi Adrian, I may have some let over prints, however I’ve packed up most of my studio all ready as I moving at the end of the month. If you reach out again in mid September I’ll be able to help you. Cool?

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