Ruben Diaz hired me to create a cover for an upcoming Chikara bout and DVD staring two wrestlers; Bodie Lee vs. Sugar Dunkerton. For those of you unfamiliar with Chikara, it’s a Professional Wrestling League whose characters straddle the worlds of traditional American Pro Wrestling, Mexican Lucha Libre and Japanese Chikara. The film “The Wrestler” used many of the Chikara locations and wrestlers as a backdrop.

In the past Chikara DVD covers have all been homages to famous comic book covers, replacing super heroes with their line up of wrestlers. This time around Ruben thought a departure from a comic book cover to an album cover would really make the event stand out. His choice of using Storm Thorgerson’s cover for Pink Floyd’s Division Bell as the source fit perfectly for the event.

This isn’t the first time I painted something of Thorgerson’s, or Pink Floyd’s. In High School I had a business painting album covers on the back of denim jackets. Back then I painted just about every Pink Floyd album cover out there, and even made a few up. I’ll post some pictures sometime when dig out the photo albums from my Mom’s.


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